The firm acts only for Victorian Municipal Councils thereby avoiding any conflicts of interest.

The Macquarie practice is based on the relationships it builds with its clients.
Terry is a lawyer who, for more than 25 years, has worked exclusively in Local Government Law.
He is solution oriented, preferring a commercial and strategic approach rather than traditional reliance on the law.
His comprehensive understanding of the Local Government Act and other relevant legislation affecting the sector makes him a "one stop shop" for prompt and accurate advice. His advice is decisive and in plain English; he is not a fence sitter.
Terry's people skills have earned him a reputation as an advocate for Councils, particularly where delicate handling is required with the community or with third parties.
His areas of expertise include-
  • Governance
  • Statutory interpretation and compliance
  • Administrative law  
  • Meetings procedure
  • Strategic solutions
  • Court and tribunal advocacy 
Peter is a specialist local government lawyer, having practised exclusively in this area for more than 25 years.
He is acknowledged in the industry as the expert on road and infrastructure law, having written numerous publications on the subject.
He is a regular speaker at industry forums and presenter of workshops on topics pertinent to local government.
Peter is also known for his practical advice, ensuring that the client is satisfied with the outcome, which justifies his involvement.
Peter's other areas of expertise include -
  • Governance, policy and strategy;
  • Special rates and charges;
  • Valuation of land and rating;
  • Land acquisition and compensation;  
  • Property;
  • Planning; and
  • Administrative law. 
Ian heads the asset management unit of Macquarie, specialising in various property relation matters including the discontinuance and sale of roads and reserves on behalf of Councils.
Having worked for many years in the industry, Ian has a deep understanding of the needs and methods of local government. 
Ian has been a consultant to local government in his current area of specialisation for more than 15 years. He has built up a successful and busy consultancy practice, which, in mid 1998, Ian brought to Macquarie, adding another dimension to the range of services that Macquarie provides.
Ian recognises the importance of the public consultation process and therefore uses a sensitive and balanced approach when negotiating on a council's behalf with affected community members.
At the same time, through his local government background, Ian appreciates the wider ramifications of the discontinuance and sale processes and consults with all areas of council operations to ensure a coordinated and effective outcome.
Georgie has worked with the firm since 2006, and continues to work in conjunction with Terry Bramham on a range of matters exclusively dedicated to local government.
Georgie is a graduate of Deakin University and holds bachelor degrees in both Law (honours) and Arts.
She brings a blend of personable enthusiasm and experience to her expanding local government practice.
Her areas of expertise include-
  • Court and tribunal advocacy
  • Legislative interpretation
  • Advisory work  
  • Drafting local laws
  • Reviewing delegations and authorisations
  • Compulsory acquisition